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Go Green Flooring sells more than beautiful wood flooring. Since 1983, Go Green Flooring has been the only flooring company devoted to forest protection and healthy homes. You can trust that all hardwood floors offered at Go Green meet the very highest environmental standards.

What's Important?


The only forest certification system that enjoys the support of environmental groups worldwide is that of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which is an independent non-profit organization, and has a mechanism for tracking wood from the forest to the consumer. The U.S. Green Building Council only recognizes FSC certification as evidence of the sustainability of a wood product. If you want verification that the wood you are purchasing came from a well-managed forest, demand FSC-certified material, and demand proper documentation.

Formaldehyde Free

Most wood flooring manufacturers use adhesives in engineered products to bind the layers of wood together. That's fine, but the adhesives can contain toxic chemicals like urea formaldehyde that can be hazardous to your health. Go Green offers many engineered hardwood products that are free from these toxic chemicals. Also, be careful, as some manufacturers will also state "no formaldehyde added". These are NOT formaldehyde free products!


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Heart Pine

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Beetle Kill - Cherry Stain

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Reclaimed Red/White Oak 

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Non Toxic Finishes

there are three main types of finishing methods in hardwood flooring:

  • Site-finished
  • Prefinished
  • Oil Finish

Site Finish: Flooring that is ordered as unfinished requires the top coat or finish to be applied at the job site. This process is more labor intensive and messy. It can also be very hazardous to your health if not done correctly! Most hardwood companies will use a highly toxic polyurethane finish that requires the customer to leave the job site for several days while the finish cures. Go Green Flooring ONLY uses water based commercial finishes that are low-VOC and safe for the indoor air quality of your home. These new age water based finishes are just as hard, if not harder, than polyurethane finishes.

Prefinished: Hardwood flooring that is coated from the factory is called prefinished. These types of floors are generally easier to install and do not require sanding or finishing on site. There are no toxic chemicals to deal with, the finishes, like aluminum oxide, are pre-cured and generally safe for the consumer to use.

Oil finish: An oil based finish is another popular finishing method because of it's look and ease of maintenance. Oil based finishes are NOT completely VOC free, but they are much lower in VOC emissions than polyurethane and other top coat finishes.

Reclaimed Hardwoods

Go Green Flooring has a large selection of FSC certified and reclaimed hardwood flooring products. We offer hardwoods that are reclaimed from river beds, forest beds (old growth), old wood structures (barns and farm buildings) and other reclaimed sources. Not only is reclaimed hardwood sustainable and eco-friendly it also lends properties that make it stronger and more durable. Reclaimed hardwoods also have more character and aesthetic qualities. Reclaimed wood comes in almost any species, but there is an abundance of reclaimed white pine, yellow pine, heart pine, chestnut, oak, fir, White-oak, poplar and teak. Most all of these reclaimed woods come unfinished and can be stained to any color. These floors can also be finished with oil to make them more durable and easy to maintain.






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